Las Vegas Wil's Random Musings

Just a guy trying to figure out what is going on. Looks like a great product…

> …but what the heck is on the left of this screen? I’m all into open and friendly workspaces; however, this might be taking it a bit far.
> > Still, I’ve signed up for beta, because it looks as if they have a solid foundation idea, and if it works, this will be a big piece of easy we all need in our lives. >


Sounds, Tastes and Memories

So very strange; I am listening to the Girl From Ipanema, and remembered that the first time I heard it I was sitting in my Grandparent’s restaurant eating pistachio ice cream when I was seven. Great memories. I hope this isn’t what Alzheimer’s is like. Wait. What was I saying….?

NBC On Demand. What?

I’m watching NBC in demand. I cannot figure out why they advertise their own shows during the required commercial. Talk about flushing revenue down the toilet.